Jam Shed - Accolade Wines

We’re Jammin’

Brand challenge.

Engage price sensitive millennial wine drinkers with the jammy, sweeter style of Jam Shed Shiraz.

Nexus Moment.

The target audience craves experiences and wants to connect with brands in real moments of time with their friends resulting in the creation of The Jam Shed Supper Club.

Strategy & Storymaking.

Situated at London’s SouthBank Centre to run over a summer and winter season, Jam Shed collaborated with previous MasterChef finalists who hosted nightly dinners pre-booked and paid for by interested target consumers.

The wine was used for cocktails, incorporated into signature dishes and served to complement certain courses alongside other wines in the company’s portfolio.  Live music was played so that guests could jam into the evenings.

Bookings were achieved through media outreach focusing on what’s on, editorial through media reviews and product placement.