The Meatless Farm

Meat free not taste free

Brand challenge.

Launch the Meatless Farm Co brand to consumers, retail and foodservice, accelerating growth and listings.

Nexus Moment.

Getting meat eaters to consider plant-based alternatives means that we need to deliver on taste and texture but also on more powerful reasons to make the swap.

Strategy & Storymaking.

Making it easy for people to make the swap is essential along with taste, texture and health – the environment is a key consumer and media motivator.

Working with Dr Joseph Poore we launched the Meatless Consumption Target based on original research showing the impact of making the swap to plant based once a week. This would save 8.5% of UK greenhouse gasses. We then deployed a number of tactics to secure maximum engagement and drive our key messages; press kits, media and stakeholder round table, celebrity influencer video and a focused influencer event.

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Research & activation packs.

Partnering with Dr Joseph Poore we created a powerful research-based message that credibly showed the impact going plant based could have on the environment.

Meatless Consumption Target roundtable.

We invited key stakeholders, industry leaders, chefs and media to London’s first vegetarian pub for a debate around how we help families make the switch to plant-based foods. As a result, our research was referenced in the House of Commons and there are many community focused initiatives now being co-created with key partners.

Meatless Farm Co ambassador.

Using Frankie Bridge as our key mummy influencer we created two digital anchor videos which out-performed Frankie’s typical branded content by an average of 35%.

Isaac Carew burger challenge.

We invited 15 influencers to a burger masterclass with Isaac Carew to find the ultimate plant-based burger champion!

A potent trade media program.

Branded kits were personalised to key trade media contacts and landed as a teaser for the product launch to grab attention and create cut through across retailer and foodservice channels. Post launch news was drip fed and feature opportunities were leveraged to provide opinion and a new voice in the sector using agency-commissioned on-trade category specific research.

High quality business coverage.

We worked to deliver flagship business coverage and leadership team profiles for The Meatless Farm Co with the resulting coverage tapping into investors and adding value to the business, as well as accelerating inbound media and customer enquires.