British Lion Eggs

Making Staple Sexy

Brand challenge.

Eggs have been seen as a boring, unfashionable, staple food and were losing ground to more innovative ingredients and ready-to-eat competitors.

Nexus Moment.

Use the #foodporn trend and carefully selected healthy lifestyle influencers to appeal to a new audience, maximising social media reach.


Strategy & Storymaking.

Target different segments of the millennial audience throughout 2018 with specific messaging to refresh the image of eggs and boost sales.

Create content that resonates with the specific audiences of our influencers while also delivering the overarching #EggsMyWay campaign and key messages around health, versatility and taste appeal. We worked with; The Lean Machines with a predominantly male fitness audience, Max Whitlock with broad family appeal, Isaac Carew a chef and model with strong female following, and The Food Medic junior doctor, PT and healthy foodie.