Blue Skies

For the Love of Fresh

Brand challenge.

Significantly increase awareness of the Blue Skies brand ensuring increased rate of sale on ice cream and ice lollies throughout 2019.

Nexus Moment.

Ice cream is a treat; if it does good too then it’s double good. People want more than just a tub of flavour. Our story is more than just about fresh fruit.

Strategy & Storymaking.

Who better to tell our story than the people who are totally connected with our audiences?

Using an influencer first strategy we optimised budget throughout the core summer trading months. We took four target influencers on a discovery trip to Ghana, where the fruit is grown, products are made and to meet the real people behind Blue Skies around which a whole community and infrastructure has grown.

This was completed with new social video content, creative press and influencer activation packs underpinned by a product press office.