Storymaking for Good

Save the Coach

Campaign Challenge.

A few times a year we choose Storymaking for a good project, helping a community or cause to explode their message. In this case, our challenge was to maximise coverage and exposure for the #savethecoach campaign which looked to stave off Fuller’s hostile takeover of the iconic independent pub.

Nexus Moment.

The world is full of petitions and community led stories. Soho and the Coach are creative institutions. We need to be bold and create a story that doesn’t just fight for independent pubs but tells the story of their uniqueness.

Strategy & Storymaking.

We worked with the team at the Coach to develop a creative idea that could attract serious attention.

The naked calendar concept was dreamed up, featuring all the staff and community members alongside a spoof launch story “London’s first pub to be granted a nudist licence”.  We issued to print, online and broadcast media along with copies of the naked calendar.

See for yourself how the Nudist Pub captured the headlines.