Deli Kitchen

Deli Kitchen Wrap Battles

Brand challenge.

The brand had growing distribution, but awareness and understanding was lagging behind.
Our challenge was to launch Deli Kitchen’s new Brioche Tortilla and connect the brand with millennial foodie families.

Nexus Moment.

Flatbreads are a canvas for sharing your creativity.

Strategy & Storymaking.

We created an integrated campaign that targeted primary family shoppers and end consumers – shifting the brand from functional content to entertaining content.

Utilising a channel mix that allowed both wide reach and targeted communication across social, PR and regional radio ads aligned to retail listings, we tapped into popular culture, renaming the Brioche Tortilla the “BRAP”. Taking a content led approach we created a social video series led by iconic rap artist Wretch32, Made In Chelsea’s Georgia Toffolo and The Great British Bake off’s Selasi. This built an entertaining platform for the trio to share their culinary creativity alongside their (W)rap skills. Coached by Wretch32, Toff and Selasi battled it out in the DK Wrap Battle Café to be crowned the Deli kitchen Wrap Battle Champion, creating their signature recipes alongside a rap of their recipe.

The campaign’s repeatable format also extended out to include other influencers Chessie King and Little London Vegan ready for burst two!