Turkey Twizzlers - Bernard Matthews

Comeback of the Century

Brand challenge.

Mastermind the relaunch of one of the UK’s most iconic yet controversial food products after being banned by Jamie Oliver, repositioning it as a much healthier improved version.

Nexus Moment.

2020 has been a year of doom and gloom. This is the comeback of the century.

Strategy & Storymaking.

Position: With such a controversial relaunch, the creative opportunities were endless. However, the tone of the campaign was critical. Mischievous not malicious, lovers not haters, doers not dwellers.  We developed an overarching position “The comeback of the century”. But, it wasn’t just the fun we also needed to ensure that:

Strategy: With a limited budget the programme was designed to elongate exposure, ambiguously teasing the launch through a shortened edit of the lead social film prior to launch with discreet media contact. Once the teaser was picked up by major titles including LadBible and many others – radio silence was the order of the day to build anticipation before a hard-hitting PR and social assault the following Monday with broadcast, print, online and influencers.

Visual content: This launch needed more than pack shots and recipes; most do if you really want to achieve special results! So, we created the giant golden 10 metre Twizzler statue, Turkey Twizzler Time capsules and of course wrote, directed and produced the lead social anchor film. A very important and powerful investment that contributed hugely to influencer engagement, media pick up and social shares.

See some of the coverage highlights from the campaign, click the title to view: BBC NEWS, Metro, Sky, Lad Bible, The Grocer