British Lion Eggs

Ask for the Lion

Brand Challenge.

Recreate the success Lion eggs has enjoyed in retail with 98% penetration in the foodservice and food manufacturing sectors.

Nexus Moment.

Consumers seek products in retail they can trust and are inspired by and this can be replicated in other sectors by changing buyer behaviours.

Strategy and Storymaking.

We created the Ask for the Lion campaign to move buyers from passive acceptance of eggs to actively seeking Lion supported by a three-prong strategic approach to communicate Pride in British Lion eggs, Trust in their safety and Inspiration around menus.

Launched with briefings through the manufacturing and wholesaler chain together with video animations, expert endorsement and a podcast, shared on Lion egg channels and amplified through influencer channels and LinkedIn advertising. All work was supported by a media centre.

Consumer research was commissioned and shared on a targeted basis with bespoke infographics and an influencer campaign that included ‘Scores on the Doors’ showed how using non-Lion eggs could affect the food hygiene standard.

Nexus also engaged with EHO’s, chefs and the National Association of Care Caterers through industry platforms.