Rochelle Platt: My first six months

Hey everyone, I’m Rochelle, the Junior Content Creator at Nexus.

At the end of summer 2021, our wonderful MD, Harvey, dropped me a message about a new job opening while I was in the middle of a job-hunting spree. I was looking for something new career-wise, so I went with my gut and applied straight away. Within a whirlwind month, they snapped me up and I began my creative journey at Nexus.

My first few weeks flew by, starting with a first day to remember. Full of enthusiasm and anticipation, I ventured into London excited to meet my new teammates, only to end up at the reception of the old, empty office! I didn’t quite catch onto the fact that everyone was working remotely whilst waiting for our cool new Portobello Road HQ to open. So, I hop-skipped across the road to Pret and joined the weekly meeting, finally able to virtually meet the team, before getting myself set up at home.

In a short period of time, I was introduced to the entire team and the work they cover for our clients. Everyone was so welcoming and made sure to fill me in on all the different processes. This made it easy for me to reach out and open up my personality bit by bit, especially because I was able to work with various client teams across our company from the get-go.

It was fascinating to join as a visually creative person, and then to unlock how the world of PR and Social marketing runs from an agency perspective. It was a major shift to what I understood about creating successful campaigns, and I’ve loved learning more as the months have rolled on. I will admit the process getting used to working from home as a new starter came with its challenges, but like pretty much everything going on around us at the moment, it was just a learning curve.

One thing that stuck out in the first months was being able to join a shoot for the first time for plant-based food brand Dopsu X Tess Daley. It was the first time I’d ever experienced a fully kitted out brand photo and video shoot, as well as meeting Ian, Amanda B., and Martha in person. All in all, it was a brilliant time – of course, quite nerve-wracking as a newbie to it all, but so insightful to experience a shoot from start to finish.

In recent months, I feel like I’ve really settled into my role as part of the visual content team. With lots of mentoring and room for personal development through working on a mix of creative projects, I’ve become a whole lot more confident with my skills.

Our new VI was something developed between myself and Ian basically from the first month of my employment; a way to visually reposition and shift Nexus as a company mad about connection, creativity, and boldness. With the new office reveal it was such a delight to see it all come to life with the painted murals by Marcus Method. The whole team seemed to love how it looked in our bright new workspace, and it was amazing to finally see everyone from head to toe!

Having studied Graphic Design for my degree, I was never stuck on wanting to specialise in a sole creative skill. I was involved in a wide range of projects, from designing a motion graphic about a musical score to creating typography out of food to raise awareness about waste. I knew that whatever I went on to pursue as a career in the creative industry needed to be filled with variety.

That’s exactly what I got.