Starting a new job in lockdown

Starting a new job is exciting, but also nerve wracking, and starting during a global pandemic adds a whole new element to it. It certainly is not the ideal situation.

I handed my notice into my previous company three weeks before lockdown. At this point I was really happy. I had been offered a job with a company that I was excited to join, doing a job that I was excited to do. As the weeks passed I became more and more concerned as it was becoming obvious that we were heading towards a lockdown. I was worried that I wouldn’t have a job before I’d even had a chance to start.

It was with great relief that I was told that I would still be starting my new job a week into lockdown. I started my first day from my bedroom, now my office, with lots of Zoom calls, introductions to the team and detailed explanation of the work I would be doing. Good office culture is so important, and it was clear that Nexus had quickly managed to transfer this to their virtual work environment.

Whilst the whole company was adapting to their work from home lifestyle, everyone took time to get to know me and were always willing to help me out with any challenges I was having.  I even had a virtual buddy lunch with several colleagues, which quickly helped me to feel part of the team.

At the end of my first week the whole team were sent a company branded water bottle, T-shirt and jumper with a personal note from our MD, Harvey. It’s things like this that really helps bring the company together and show that everyone is important and noticed.  Many of my team members as well as senior staff checked in with me during my first few weeks to ensure the onboarding had worked remotely and that I was getting the hang of everything.

Although I have only met the Nexus team virtually, I feel like I have got to know everyone over a short amount of time. All our meetings are done over Zoom which has allowed me to connect with my colleagues through the screen. Nexus also ensure that every week we have a ‘thirsty Thursday’ giving everyone the chance to grab a drink and a catch up away from work chat.

I think at times like these it’s important to appreciate what you do have. Although it isn’t ideal to start a new job virtually, I am lucky to be in a job at a time of such uncertainty and grateful that the team have all been so welcoming and made it so easy for me to integrate into my new role.

It has definitely been a surreal start and one that I’ll never forget.  So far my experience has been very positive and I am looking forward to be able to go into the office, meet everyone properly and to restore a sense of normality.