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The New Age of TikTok

From a music dubbing app to a content creators playground, TikTok has taken over the world. Harry Gardiner tracks its meteoric rise, and explores why your brand should be taking notice. World Leader Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d have heard of TikTok by now. Some of you (myself included) might have even…

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JC Academy: My Journey So Far

Hello! My name is Maiya, and I am an apprentice at Nexus. After watching all the EARN IT online events and following some of Nexus’s great campaigns, I thought to myself, “This is somewhere I would love to work!”. Luckily, I discovered the opportunity to join the JC Academy and now I am its first apprentice. I have been in this role for over a month now and I have already…

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EARN IT. EVENT: Zeitgeist Brands

We recently hosted a fascinating panel of experts for our first EARN IT. event: Zeitgeist Brands. We were joined by an exciting panel of speakers including the opportunity for Q&As: Huib van Bockel, Founder Tenzing Sophie More, Marketing Director Formerly BrewDog Liliana Caimacan, Head of Global Innovation Tata Consumer Products Wez Eathorne, Research Director and…

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