The JC Academy

Our late founder Jonathan Choat was a great advocate of education and opportunity. The JC Academy has been founded in his memory and each year will offer a unique 12 month communications apprenticeship aimed at increasing diversity in the PR and Creative industry.

Jonathan Choat

91% of the industry is white.

Research shows that 91% of the public relations industry is white[1] and that ethnic diversity is actually declining[2].

Jonathan Choat, our Founder sadly passed away on 24th November 2019. After starting Nexus in 1979 he built the company to become a renowned and fiercely independent agency. A giant in the PR industry he was an inspiration to many.

Smart, captivating and relentless in his pursuit of great communication he wanted every campaign to have a sense of action with a dash of flair - values that Nexus still applies to all of its work today.

In his memory, the JC Academy aims to create opportunity for people from different backgrounds. Giving them the skills, connections and training to become a serious comms professional.

How it works Got to get with the programme

The apprenticeship will be broken down into three areas: the science, on the job training & personal coaching. It will be a full-time course commencing in March 2022 for 12 months.

Do the science

You'll gain a Press Association L4 qualification, taking part in weekly workshops across a range of topics. The press association is one of the UK's leading News organisations and the year-long course will help you develop skills in content creation, campaign management and evaluation, internal communication, and personal development.

Get your hands dirty

You'll also take on a full time role at Nexus working across the team on real clients and real creative campaigns. Learning from the ground up you'll get involved in developing communication strategies, content creation, social media management, media sell-ins and influencer engagement. It will be hard work but worth every pen stroke. The ambition is that by the time you're done, you should be operating at Client Executive level.

Let's get personal

You'll also be personally coached by Tim Kiy former director of Barclays Corporate communications U.K. and Europe. Tim has a 37-year career operating at board level and has been involved in serious marketing and comms programs. Undertaking a personal enneagram test, Tim will help you understand your strengths and how to harness them. Self reflection, boosting your emotional intelligence and self awareness play an important role in helping you become a future leader.

Apply now, start your journey.

    Deadline for applications is 18th February 2022.

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