JC Academy: My Journey So Far

Hello!My name is Maiya, and I am an apprentice at Nexus. After watching all the EARN IT online events and following some of Nexus’s great campaigns, I thought to myself, “This is somewhere I would love to work!”. Luckily, I discovered the opportunity to join the JC Academy and now I am its first apprentice. I have been in this role for over a month now and I have already learned so much.  

Working at Nexus has given me a great insight into how important an open and supportive work culture is. As soon as I joined, I felt welcomed and supported with members of staff reaching out to me and offering to help wherever they could. This eased my nerves as I felt more comfortable to talk to colleagues and ask them questions. Working with such experienced and enthusiastic people has given me an example of how an effective team can produce great work. 

I had some work experience in the PR office of a foodbank charity five years ago, and ever since then, I felt that a career in communications was what I wanted to do. Even though I am still new to the PR world, I have learned a wealth of new skills and I hope to keep building on them.  

One thing that fascinated me was learning how to navigate and use social monitoring tools. Whilst working with the Head of Social, I was able to understand how to best utilise a social planning platform to coordinate posts and measure the success of certain social strategies. I’ve also had opportunities to work with colleagues on exciting campaign briefs and projects. Even though we have been working from home, I have been able to get fully stuck in!  

Being able to receive training from the Press Association has been an invaluable part of my apprenticeship. The workshops that I am undertaking allow me to underpin all my on-the-Job training whilst teaching me a whole set of new skills. My favourite session so far has been the ‘how to shoot and edit high quality video’ workshop. As a lover of creativity, I found this session interesting and useful. I can confidently say that I know how to set up an interview, ask engaging questions and edit the clips to create a wonderful piece of content. I am also looking forward to learning how to draft press releases and how to best harness creativity to support campaigns in the future.  

My time at Nexus has been brilliant. It has given me a great foundation to navigate my career in PR and Communications. I feel lucky that I get to work with talented and enthusiastic people on a range of exciting campaigns and projects.