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2021 Trends

Last year was like no other (except for maybe the start of this one) and COVID-19 has completely transformed the way consumers shop and eat in and out of home. As we start to negotiate 2021 and another lockdown, we consider some of the factors which might continue to shape consumer shopping habits.   SEAMLESS…

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EARN IT. EVENT: The Brand Agenda

We recently hosted a brilliant panel of experts for our second EARN IT. event: How do we capture attention and create food and drink brands that people actually care about? Our exciting panel of speakers were full of brilliant insights and advice, and also participated in a Q&Asession: Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, Founder – The Black Farmer David…

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Lockdown Social Trends

This last year has been filled with many changes as people have had to adapt to life in lockdown. More people have been turning to social media to stay connected, with Facebook and Instagram reach continuing to grow immensely. In this report we have combined the top lockdown social media insights to help you understand…

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