What’s new in the world of natural food?

We took a stroll round The Natural Food Show to see what was happening, at the annual showcase for natural and organic food and drink.

So, what’s hot in the natural food world?

Plant water
Forget coconut water, it’s so last year! These days it’s all about cactus water. It hydrates the body with a combination of antioxidants and electrolytes (and has no added sugars, preservatives or GMO’s). It’s even vegan friendly and gluten-free! Other plant waters are also gaining popularity too, including birch water, maple water, and aloe vera water. If you’re a fan of natural plant water and love all things sweet, these are definitely for you.

Raw Chocolate
What makes chocolate ‘raw’, you ask? With raw chocolate, the roasting process is eliminated, which in turn preserves the Cacao beans’ nutrients. This means that raw chocolate is full of nutrients like iron, zinc, magnesium, copper and vitamin C. The best part is that some people even consider it a superfood, which pretty much means that the chocolate is good for you, right?

Healthy tea
Matcha tea was all anyone could talk about at the Natural Food Show. Matcha tea is packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, zinc and magnesium, and also helps to boost metabolism and burn calories. Apparently, you would need to drink at least ten cups of brewed green tea to match just one cup of matcha! Kombucha tea was also very popular at the show, catering more to those after probiotic and digestive health benefits.

Bars and balls
‘Foods of convenience’ were a big trend at the Natural Food Show with many companies responding to the rising consumer demand for on-the-go snacks that nourish the body, satisfy hunger and sustain energy levels. These consisted of healthy raw and organic ingredients and came in the form of bars and balls… protein balls that is. Fast and filling for busy lives.

At Nexus we are specialists in food and drink PR, so if you want to shoot the breeze about food trends new or old, give us a call and we’ll buy you a cup of matcha or a glass of cactus water.