TV is sociable: how do you capitalise on that?

Does watching TV make us less sociable? Maybe. But then again, maybe not.

The latest data shows that our much loved drug of the nation is inextricably linked to the real-time social network, Twitter.

90% of all online conversations about TV happen on Twitter. Fascinating real-time peaks and troughs in Twitter conversation linked to TV mentions intimately mirror what happens during live programming.

During the Grand National, for example, Twitter recorded a total of 352,000 tweets that went out on the network during the race, equating to 7,000 tweets per minute. Interestingly, there was a dip in mentions as the winning horse crossed the finish line.

So people were glued to their sets, not their Twitter feed when that moment in history happened. They didn’t want to miss a thing. What happened next though was even more interesting. After the race, the rate in mentions exploded as everyone published their reactions.

So fine, people love talking about what’s on the telly on Twitter but what does this mean to us as marketers?

The solution lies in thoroughly understanding how people use social platforms and then equipping your business for spontaneity. Couple this with a clear, creative, consistent and compelling approach that lives within your organisation and then breathes out through your communications in a way that the audience ‘gets it’ and you’re set! Simple!

Well almost….. But what is becoming more obvious on Twitter is that planning for the moment and creating the best messaging for your brand that compliments what is going on is of paramount importance when trying to gain cut-through and traction.

The key is to be participative – it’s not about wedging an irrelevant or irritating message into a particular moment like the Grand National but planning effectively and creatively fitting your brand into relevant moments in time where it will stand out

Sometimes, it can be as simple as turning up, showing that you’re there and sharing the moment with everyone.

So get out there and start making some moments of your own.