Trend watching in 2017

Trendwatching recently explored the must-know emerging trends and innovations which are defining consumer expectations in 2017. Nexus share their own thoughts on them below.

With new forms of news telling, influencers and social movements emerging every day, it’s easy to lose track of the good, the bad and the ugly trends in our consumer’s lives. Keeping on top of trends in the PR world is essential for an agency, but how do you know which trends are suited to your brand?

Over the next 12 months we think the following trends will help to make the most out of 2017 campaigns.

  • Status = experience. The rising affluence and astonishing lifestyles made possible by connectivity have shifted the frontiers of status to a point where it’s no longer associated with luxury cars and designer handbags – it’s now about opportunities and experiences. Brands can no longer just give a product to a customer and expect them to be satisfied, so creating an experience for consumers needs to be an essential element in a campaign, something Nexus has already made central to its approach.
  • Virtual experience economy. Digital experiences are becoming more of a status than ever before. Where the internet used to be a place for information, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are starting to hold the same weight as normal experiences. VR/AR is more than a one-off gimmick, but something that can be core to a marketing strategy when used properly. It can offer consumers a range of experiences without having to leave the room. The possibilities for it are literally endless. Nexus is already exploring virtual reality with its clients, launching a new range of Bausch and Lomb products with Google Cardboard to showcase different types of eye conditions to the media.
  • Capacity capture. Today’s consumers may be self-obsessed, but environmental concern is on the rise. This growing concern with the waste of mainstream consumerism – time, materials, energy, and fuel – has created a peer to peer economy, where people are now sharing resources when they are sitting idle (e.g. Air bnb). These concerns, while once only relevant to a niche market, have directly driven change in consumer purchasing behaviour. Today, any business that takes these environmental issues seriously adds value to their brand. Drawing on our media connections, Nexus recently helped The Barilla Foundation introduce the latest Food Sustainability Index which measured the sustainability of a country’s nutrition, agriculture and food waste – an area we expect to be more involved with in the future.
  • Worlds apart. The division of society in today’s world gives an opportunity for brands to respond and connect to their consumers in a new way. Where part of society want to close the doors on globalisation, the majority want to connect the world. Best used by companies aiming to make a positive change in the world, this kind of emotional branding can often be a strong influence in a campaigns success, helping to create a loyal bond between the brand and its consumer. Nexus has over 30 years of experience forming loyal bonds between not only brands and their consumers but also brands and the agency, many of which have been with us for years.

People today, more than ever, want to connect. Nexus Communications have the connections that count. We specialise in food and drink, nutrition and health marketing and PR. Feel free to get in touch and have a chat about how we’d approach your communications challenges.

By Sam Borland-Smith