Launching the world’s first Food Sustainability Index

Drawing on our industry and media connections, we recently managed the UK communications for the inaugural Food Sustainability Index.

The Barilla Foundation, in collaboration with The Economist Intelligence Unit, introduced the new Index at the Barilla Forum in Milan, Italy. The Index measures the sustainability of a country’s food system in three key areas; nutrition, agriculture and food waste.

The brainchild of two research heavyweights, the evaluation maps out 25 key countries, listing Saudi Arabia (427kg) as the worst offender for food waste, whilst France and Japan top the list as the best all-rounders.

The UK is applauded in the evaluation for its efforts in raising awareness about diet and reducing food waste, but ultimately it falls short and is noted as the worst country in the EU. In fact, Britons each throw away the food equivalent to twice the weight of the average adult every year (131.5kg). That’s around 30kg more per person than some of its European counterparts.

A report accompanying the Index says 1.3 billion tonnes of edible food is wasted globally every year. With these figures climbing, the Index shows the appetite for change and makes an important statement that the flaws of a country’s food system can no longer be ignored.

With messages relevant for healthcare, food and trade communications, we took a strategic and targeted approach, resulting in major national and trade media coverage. Although a London PR Agency, we were also asked to use our global connections, working closely with a team in the US to ensure top quality media coverage was achieved across the pond.

By Lydia Dawkins