We’ve worked with health and nutrition industries for many years, so we’ve got the depth of understanding and breadth of contacts. We know how to launch new brands, to change brand perception in existing brands and ultimately to drive sales.

Our immersion in health and nutrition industries allows us to be dynamic and to react to any issues or changes in legislation and regulations. We can be one step ahead of the game. We liaise and negotiate with regulators and government bodies on your behalf.

And we work closely with many industry organisations, including the PAGB and AHDB which gives us great insight and authority.

Having direct access to medical experts including doctors, dietitians and scientists, helps us to deliver insightful and engaging campaigns. They work with us to research products and to provide evidence-based information and health claims for our clients in a language that is easily understandable and can be trusted by public and media alike.

And we frequently set up panels of experts, such as ‘The Meat Advisory Panel’ who write and publish evidence-based papers.

Our healthcare engagement campaigns educate healthcare professionals about the benefits of new and existing products. For Yoplait, for example, we ran a programme which led to 94% of nurses, dietitians and nutritionists recommending their product.

We make sure you are represented across all media, engaging with the right digital advocates and ambassadors for you. People like fitness blogger, Zanna Van Dijk whose mass online following makes her a powerful influence.

And our insider knowledge means that we are experts in reputation and issues management in healthcare representing entire industries in the face of crisis, from Salmonella in eggs to the more recent IARC challenge to meat.