Our clients in the Food and Drink sector range from major brands, including Weetabix, Thorntons and Laithwaites, through to entire industries, from British Lion Eggs to the Potato Council.

This mix of trade and consumer clients, industry inside knowledge, and connections gives us a much deeper understanding of what our clients do and puts us in their shoes. They don’t have to explain their business to us – we already understand it.

We are expert at delivering cutting-edge, dynamic campaigns to the right audiences through a variety of channels and mediums. We know how to raise the profiles of our brands and shape reputations, changing consumer behaviour, and ultimately driving sales.

But we’re not just about innovative campaigns and media coverage. Our experience and connections at the heart of industry mean we know how to help our clients through every step of the product lifecycle. From negotiating ever-changing legislation, to getting the right evidence-based messaging for their products and ensuring they are on the shelves of the retailers that count.

And we regularly meet with the top retailers providing them with the latest plans and advising them about any issues – we make sure that our clients’ products remain on their shelves.

Our staff are all passionate about, and experienced in the food industry. And we have ongoing training sessions with leading media, operators, retailers and wholesalers to share their vision.

We have steered many of these brands and industries through issues and crises, including the Salmonella in eggs crisis in the 80s and 90s, after which we helped to rebuild the reputation of British Lion Eggs, changing public opinion and restoring confidence. And more recently, we countered the latest IARC challenge to meat, generating educational coverage across major media channels.

Our clients are very loyal to us, many of them remaining with us over the years – some since we began more than 30 years ago. And they say things like “A credit to the industry” and “the best we have worked with”.