To promote red meat as a healthy, essential part of the diet, in a sea of celebrity-backed negative campaigns and research.

We engaged a number of our health and nutrition experts, who form The Meat Advisory Panel, to build our evidence-based campaign. They wrote and published a series of papers on the importance of iron and protein, which, along with key Government dietetic data, formed the backbone of the campaign.

We flooded the media with positive messages about the health benefits of meat, separating fact from fiction and dispelling any negative meat myths for both consumers and stakeholders.

An issues management programme was set up to identify any conversations around meat and to protect and defend its reputation on an ongoing basis.


  • Meat Advisory Panel communications hub
  • Additional experts secured including Phil Vickery
  • University research partnership secured
  • Stakeholder engagement programme
  • Reputation management programme
  • Issues and stakeholder mapping and tracking
  • Regular Meat Advisory Panel meetings to identify issues/forthcoming topics


  • Peer-reviewed papers reached over 318 million
  • 200-300 Meat Advisory Panel interviews per year (NS – taken from AHDB presentation)
  • More than 85,000 journals, papers, newswires sites, TV schedules reviewed each year
  • Stakeholder campaign reached 120,400 healthcare professionals with a total reach of more than 516 million
  • Consumer campaign reached more than 544 million