To shift the iconic brand’s perception as a pain-relief product for an older male audience to an essential lifestyle product for younger active women.

With high profile fitness experts as the face of the campaign, the new Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-on Lotion was positioned as an essential part of any fitness regime.

An evidence-based approach was used with the experts talking about the importance of muscle management and the effectiveness of thermotherapy massage. To support this we developed and launched an evidence-based report about delayed onset muscle soreness.

This was heavily focused online and through social media in order to reach and engage with this younger female audience. The personal trainer and digital fitness blogger, Zanna Van Dijk became the expert social media ambassdor.


  • Campaign promoted by popular fitness experts including Zanna Van Dijk (personal trainer and digital fitness blogger), Dr Paul Wortford (senior lecturer on Sports Biomechanics and Performance) and John Miles (Cardiff Blues’ physiotherapist ) and Toby Garbet (former Olympic rower turned Personal Trainer)
  • Consumer research undertaken to educate the public about how to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Intensive media relations programme, with tailored media toolkits for different audiences
  • On-trend fitness classes held for the media, as part of the briefing sessions
  • Presence and media placement at Ski and Snowboard Show, plus a stand appearance with Zanna Van Dijk
  • Media event to present new research, with hosted talks from experts and fitness classes with Zanna Van Dijk and Paolo Di Lanzo
  • High profile digital influencers and bloggers helped drive word of mouth


  • 45 media articles secured in four months
  • Digital Reach of just over 5.8million
  • Reach of 10.889 million versus a KPI of 5 million
  • Media coverage helped drive sales of £111,5000 units within four months