Reinforcing the health benefits of tea and distancing it from the ‘coffee camp’

We set up the Tea Advisory Panel, which was made up of a group of leading independent experts who provided the media and stakeholders with scientific, dietetic evidence on the health and nutritional benefits of tea.

To add to the credibility, panel members created evidence-based research papers, which were published in leading world journals.

A reputation management programme was set up to protect the industry from any potential negative research associating tea consumption with health conditions.


  • Independent expert endorsement and education programme via the Tea Advisory Panel
  • Accredited peer-to-peer research papers and reviews published
  • Healthcare professional engagement programme, including speaker platforms and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules
  • Consumer information programme via media relations
  • Reputation management programme
  • Tea Advisory Panel social media programme


  • Reach of over 2 billion from media coverage across all media channels
  • Tea Advisory Panel remains the first port of call for tea media enquiries
  • Invited to provide evidence and granted observer status at a recent World Health Organisation monograph evaluation