Working across traditional and social media to drive consumer awareness of a new product

Dorset Cereals enlisted Nexus to help launch their new Bircher-style Muesli. The campaign consisted of five main elements: a launch event for consumer media; ‘Brek-Fest’: encouraging daily cultural engagement via both social and traditional media relations; blogger engagement; liaising with regional media to raise awareness of the sampling tour schedule; engaging with the ‘twitterati’ to drive social mentions.

The launch was announced to the media, providing them with a range of content ideas to drive coverage. Taking place at Soho House over breakfast, guests were treated to mini-talks from experts – a life-coach, a nutritionist and Dorset Cereals’ home economist. Rather than simply announcing a new product we wanted to provide value to the attendees with news and tips which they could use for more in-depth feature articles. Post-event Nexus conducted a period of intensive media sell-in to ensure conversion from attendance to coverage, and personally briefed anyone unable to attend.

‘Brek-Fest’ sought to create content for features beyond just ‘product on page’, drive engagement with those in the Dorset Cereals social networks and encourage bloggers/online writers to link to a Bircher film created specifically for the campaign.

Leading the activity with shareable social media content, we challenged people to embrace ‘soaking it up for Brek-Fest’ – a daily occasion for making the most of quality time while the Bircher steeps and blends. Nexus identified key bloggers to host the film on their site and hold competitions.

Nexus also reached out to regional media, aiming to raise awareness of the Bircher sampling campaign and drive footfall.

In order to encourage brand advocacy and raise awareness of the launch via online influencers, Nexus created a detailed list of 30 key social media influencers and sent them a personalised Bircher gift pack.



  • Targeted blogger and media outreach
  • Strategic campaign, looking ‘beyond the product pages’
  • Media relations pre and post event


  • Drove major national, regional, online, trade and consumer magazine coverage and a social media reach of over 140,000.