To defend and protect the vitamin and mineral supplement industry’s reputation from negative research and claims, and to sort fact from fiction with scientific, evidence-backed messaging.

Creating a 24/7 reputation-management programme through which we identify and monitor anything that is being said or published about the industry in real time. This enables us to keep the client well-informed at all times and to ensure we have the right people and responses in place to react swiftly where required.

Through our network of independent experts, we can provide scientific evidence-backed responses to any supplement industry claims. We have established strong relationships with health journalists, which means that the Health Supplements Information Service is the first port of call for comment and clarification on supplements.

We also provide a proactive media communications programme for the Health Supplements Information Service which serves to raise the importance of plugging dietary gaps


  • Role and responsibilities and standard operating procedure in place
  • On the ground issues identification programme
  • Proactive information service backed by independent experts
  • Swift rebuttals/responses to issues
  • HSIS expert panel in place to provide comment
  • HSIS expert interviews secured in response to issues
  • Regular e-bulletins issued to the media
  • Stakeholder roundtables
  • Tracking of all issues and media reporting


  • Stopped 90% of issues
  • HSIS the first port of call for media
  • Published 2 academic papers reaching 67,000 HCPs
  • 100+ positive interviews on vitamins and minerals with a media reach of 381million including 17 national newspaper articles