To dispel the myth that you need different cough medicines to treat different coughs – because Unicough can treat them all.

To generate conversation about this revolutionary brand, we engaged a world-renowned cough expert who provided compelling medical evidence that there is only one type of cough.

Using this information, we developed thought-leadership pieces for leading journals and pharmacy magazines with the aim of changing mind-sets on current cough classifications. And then watched the debate erupt.

We also used this evidence in The Great British Coughology Report which positioned Unicough as a trusted authority on coughs.

The cocoa ingredient in the medicine struck a chord with the media and this angle ensured Unicough’s presence across health pages.


  • Scientific report developed; The Great British Coughology Report
  • Pharmacy and cough specialists secured to author the report
  • Trade and consumer media event held to detail the clinical research and introduce the product
  • Media launch to detail the science behind Unicough
  • Media relations campaign
  • Thought-leadership pieces


  • Media reach of over 17 million
  • 50 media attendees at the launch event
  • Exclusives secured with the Daily Express and Mail Online
  • One of the highest shared Mail Online articles with over 24,000 shares
  • For every £1 spent, 5,808 people have been reached