To drive chip sales and get people into their local chip shop

The campaign was launched during the 23rd National Chip Week. In order to celebrate the British iconic chip, renowned food artist Prudence Staite was commissioned to recreate six British landmarks.

The Chip Art landmarks used 10kg of chips and included the Angel of the North, Big Ben, the Loch Ness Monster, Stonehenge, the London Eye and the White Cliffs (Chips) of Dover.


  • Creation of chip art landmarks by Prudence Staite


  • 773┬áitems of coverage
  • 18,000 social media posts
  • 32 radio interviews
  • 3 TV features
  • 23 national press items
  • Awareness of key messages went up by 4% to 30% year on year,
  • 374 fish and shop chips saw at least a 10% uplift in sales post campaign