Bloggers – the opinion leaders

Research has shown that around 10% of the population can be classed as leaders of opinion – they are inquisitive, interested in novelty, opinionated, world aware and not afraid to express their views. They are the trend predictors and trend setters and they have an influence beyond their own experience estimated at an immediate factor of 25 times and then up to 250 times and beyond that.

Now, the majority of these trendsetters are also bloggers – the new personal journalists who use their own opinions to inform many, many others with their views and opinions relating to being a mother and the main influence on what is purchased for their home and family. And they have loyal followers, which may number thousands of like- minded women – plus an increasing number of influential men bloggers. But a recent survey suggested that 76% of all purchases made by families still are controlled by women.

To track the opinions of these key, opinionated trendsetters, Nexus has established a close relationship with Brit Mums whose membership  exceeds 6000 keen bloggers, each with their own following , giving a true insight into national opinion –leaders.

Our regular research into significant current issues in all aspects of food, and drink gives us a unique and immediate insight into the views of these key opinion formers.

This is essential insight information Food & Drink marketeers – what are the trendsetters thinking? What affects their purchasing? What concerns them?

Our current research throws up some interesting examples of how bloggers work and then how to approach them.

What is top of mind for our family bloggers now?

Mealtimes – to 7/10 bloggers this is a big continuous topic of concern. Meal planning, how to use knowledge and understanding of food and drink in balancing diets for their families. And 6/10 are very conscious about value for money and managing a budget through careful housekeeping. So information about meals, food and drink can be multivariate, but has to be directly pertinent to planning and serving meals for the diverse ages of a family –  and coming out on top.

How do these opinion formers and inveterate communicators want to be treated?

They want conversations; they want experiences and challenges with which they can be involved; they want to try food and drink and be asked for their views.

They want to deal with ‘real people’ about products or brands and they like real people case studies – 6/10 say so.

What rankles currently? 7/10 say there is no partnership or sense of working together  and 5/10 say the lack of  the personal approach jars with their interests and blogging style.

This results in over 50% of contact with  bloggers being  completely wrong.

At Nexus, we can tell you what these important , opinion forming  bloggers think .We can save bad, costly mistakes in your marketing. We can show you how to make the right approaches and get the right responses from the people who really matter and lead the trends in food and drink.