More than just a traditional PR agency

We are an integrated communications agency working in the Food and Drink, Health and Nutrition and OTC sectors. We’re not just
about media coverage. We know how to take brands, products and industries from brand development all the way through to point
of sale, shaping reputations and influencing public opinion. And because we don’t just work with brands and products but with
entire industries, we have much deeper insight and stronger connections than the vast majority of PR agencies.


How are we connected?

Connected to industry

We’ve got years of experience working in your industry. So you’ll never have to waste time explaining the fundamentals of how your business works.

We’re connected at every step of the process. We know the professionals in your industry – from regulators and government officials through to major retailers.

Connected to experts

Our work with specialists in your industry means that you will always be represented with the right evidence-based information in a language that can be understood and trusted by the media and public alike.

This brings credibility, trust and authority to your brand.

Connected to the media

When it comes to getting coverage, we know how and where to find your customers. For the industries we represent we are regularly the main point of contact for the media. We are known and trusted.

And our wide circle of online advocates will make sure you are posted, tweeted, blogged and vlogged about in all the right social channels.

We're specialists in

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